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Carville Webb

A native of Baltimore Maryland, his military career spanned 29 years of honorable service.  A highly decorated prior enlisted Submarine Engineering Officer (Mustang), with personal awards including the Bronze Stars, three Meritorious Service Medals, four Navy Commendation Medals and eight Navy Achievement Medals.  His leadership and exceptional performance of duty included:

Commander - Submarine Safety Survey Team.  Maritime Safety Superintendent for the Navy's 80 Nuclear Powered Submarines and 30,000 professionals. Provided technical expertise and guidance to Submarine Force for all facets of industrial hygiene, safety, engineering and occupational health programs.  Where he identified statistical correlation of inspection requirements and readiness that improved customer service by 33% while saving $80,000 annually.  He also developed and instructed hands-on training seminars for 6000 personnel from new hire to CEO’s and identified $2 million in training program reductions.

Commander - US Department of State, Chief of Governance. Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Liaison to the Ninewa Government Mosul Iraq.  Coordinated program decision recommendations, voting, expenditure, shared monitoring and tracking of $400 million in Iraqi developmental funds. Immediate impact to quality of life for civilian population and reduction in negative activity by gangs and insurgents.  Established the “Road Show Training Program” direct contact with every level of Iraqi leadership teaching Mayoral, Provincial and State leaders operational requirements and business understanding.  Emphasis on communications, funding lines, planning, contracting, monitoring, auditing and review.  Recognized as the most successful PRT in Iraq.  Developed provincial leadership that was independently running the country in less than one year!

The Navy's first Naval Recruiting District (NRD) Operations Department Head.  Combined two department leadership positions, established a new standard for NRD manning and directly supported the Navy's ability to reduce NRD's within the force.  Coordinated leadership, mentoring, sales, coaching, goal achievement and administration of 190 Sailors in 87 store fronts covering three states.  Above goal results in quantity, quality and diversity for Active Duty and Reserve, Officer and Enlisted Programs.

Submarine Engineer / Engineering Department Head for the "World Deepest Diving Submarine" USS Dolphin (AGSS 555).  Recognized as the most successful and reliable operational period in the submarines history!  Tactically innovative. Designed, automated and modernized electrical, pneumatic, pumping and monitoring system vastly improving the safety, reliability and readiness of the ship.  Significantly improved the quality of life for the crew and extended the service life of this one of a kind submarine through expert management, quality control and exacting preventive maintenance. 

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